Investors Business Daily -- April 3, 2007

Sometimes our greatest strengths can blind us to our most serious weaknesses.

That's the premise of Claudia Shelton's new book, "Blind Spots: Achieve Success by Seeing What You Can't See." Shelton is an executive coach and president of the Hopewell Group.

Shelton cites a salesman who put up great numbers, but didn't place much value on turning in reports in a timely matter or attending all meetings. He figured his sales prowess would earn him a promotion to sales manager. He was wrong -- until he focused more on what his higher-ups valued.

"In a competitive situation, you need to know what your boss holds as most important. That may be very different from the way you see the job," Shelton said.

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The Dallas Morning News -- February, 2007

From a recent edition of  The Dallas Morning News and other papers across the country, Mildred L. Culp, a syndicated columnist offers career advice and how not recognizing your blinds spots may be causing you to overlook opportunities.

Why we miss out on opportunities
Sunday, February 25, 2007

If you're overlooking work-related opportunities, several factors may be at play. Blind Spots: Achieve Success by Seeing What You Can't See (to be published in May by Wiley), a book by Claudia Shelton, maintains that if you're a high-achiever, your mindset may be the culprit: "You may be looking for what's wrong. ... I prefer to think about what is possible."

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Preview Connecticut – December 2006

In a recent issue of  Preview Connecticut, Claudia M. Shelton makes an appearance with interviewer Bill Squier to talk about her new book
Blind Spots: Achieve Success by Seeing What You Can't See.

From the interview:

Bill Squier: Self-improvement is all well and good, but what I'm really interested in is how I can tell other people about their blind spots – which, frankly, seems like a lot more fun. Any suggestions?

Claudia Shelton: I see blind spots not as negatives or faults. I see them as doors of opportunity. When you look at them the way, I think you can help yourself and other people…

Now Available

"Time with Claudia is always time well spent. She motivates us to think differently, to push our skills to the next level and openly see and manage our Blind Spots. She has helped us to develop Clear Sight of where we want to go and how to get there. There is a clear difference in my performance level and the increased value I am bringing to the company."

- Clare Hartman, VP, Pitney Bowes